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1. EasyIoT Cloud

We provide EasyIoT Cloud service - no local server installation is needed. In testing period EasyIoT service is free of charge . After testing period it will be free for small projects only. You are welcome to try it, no credit card is needed. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive registration email, check your spam folder. If registration email is not there, send us email and we will fix that.

Free EasyIoT Cloud Android application is available on Google Play. First register to EasyIoT Cloud and then use username and password in Android application.

EasyIoT Cloud module configuration

ESP8266 Arduino IDE

EIoTCloudRestApi library - obsolete

EasyIoT Cloud REST API V1.0

ESP8266 EIoTCloudRestApiV1.0 library V1.0 installation

EasyIoT Cloud MQTT API - obsolete

EasyIoT Cloud MQTT API (v1)

ESP8266 MQTT EasyIoT Cloud library

ESP8266 WiFi DS18B20 temperature sensor (EasyIoT Cloud REST API V1) and Email alarm

ESP8266 WiFi DHT22 humidity sensor (EasyIoT Cloud REST API V1)

ESP8266 WiFi door/window sensor (EasyIoT Cloud REST API V1.0)

ESP8266 light sensor (EasyIoT Cloud REST API V1)

ESP8266 WiFi door/window sensor (EasyIoT Cloud REST API) - obsolete

ESP8266 WiFi PIR motion sensor (EasyIoT Cloud REST API)

ESP8266 internet connected switch (EasyIoT Cloud MQTT API) - obsolete

ESP8266 internet connected switch (EasyIoT Cloud MQTT API V1) - improved

ESP8266 internet connected 4 relay switch

ESP8266 smart plant irrigation system

ESP8266 WiFi fan controller (EasyIoT Coud)

EasyIoT Cloud Automation 1 - SMS alarm

EasyIoT Cloud and camera

EasyIoT Cloud and Raspberry Pi 3

ESP8266 WiFi touch screen thermostat (EasyIoT Coud)


2. EasyIoT server

Download EasyIoT server

EasyIoT server Raspberry Pi instalaltion

Running EasyIoT server as service

SMS interface

How to add module to EasyIoT server

Adding custom icons to EasyIoT server 

EasyIoT server automation - part I

EasyIoT server automation - part II

EasyIoT server automation - part III

Sensor low battery status notification

EasyIoT server automation - scene control

EasyIoT server automation - water leak SMS notification

EasyIoT server MQTT client driver

2.1 ESP8266 (with Arduino) - EasyIoT Server

IMPORTANT: use correct firmware version together with EasyIoTESP8266 Arduino library.

ESP8266 firmware update

ESP8266 temperature and humidity sensor

ESP8266 relay switch

ESP8266 water leak (rain, soil moisture) sensor

ESP8266 air pressure and weather forecast sensor

ESP8266 real time clock display

ESP8266 LED dimmer

ESP8266 touch screen thermostat

ESP8266 plant irrigation system

2.2 ESP8266 (NodeMCU without Arduino) - EasyIoT Server

ESP8266 door/window sensor (NodeMCU(LUA) - no Arduino)

2.3 ESP8266 (ESP8266 Arduino IDE, without Arduino)  - EasyIoT Server

ESP8266 and Arduino IDE - blink example

Arduino ESP8266 IDE

ESP8266 WiFi relay switch

ESP8266 WiFi DS18B20 temperature sensor

ESP8266 WiFi PIR motion sensor

ESP8266 WiFi gas sensor

2.4 NRF24L01+ (MySensors)  - EasyIoT Server

NRF24L01+ low power door/window sensor

NRF24L01 Arduino balcony garden irrigation controller

2.5 Raspberry Pi GPIO  - EasyIoT Server

Internet conntroled switch

3. Hardware


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