You can try our EasyIoT Cloud (no local server is needed) or you can download EasyIoT server for local installation.

1. EasyIoT Cloud

EasyIoT Cloud is next step in EasyIoT framework development after we build EasyIoT server and it is now under active development.

EasyIoT Cloud is available at No local server is needed, just connect your sensor(s) to our Cloud. In testing period service is free of charge. We also plant to keep it free for small scale projects.

Free EasyIoT Cloud Android aplication is available on Google Play. First register to EasyIoT Cloud and then use username and password in Android application.

1.1. EasyIoT Cloud Raspberry PI 3 Client


EasyIoT Cloud Raspberry Pi 3 Client V1.0

Copy EasyIoT Cloud Raspberry Pi 3 Client V1.0 image to SD card and use it with Raspberry Pi 3. Use Win32DiskImager or similar program to copy image to SD card and read EasyIoT Cloud and Raspberry Pi 3 tutorial.

1.2. EasyIoT Cloud Examples

See build page for list of EasyIoT sensor examples.


2. EasyIoT server

EasyIoT server is for local installation only. It is not the same product as EasyIoT Cloud, so protocols, sensors tutorials and phone app. is not compatible with EasyIoT Cloud solution.

2.1. EasyIoT server default login

Username: admin

Password: test 

2.2. Upgrade

If you already using EasyIoT server proper installation procedure is (Windows and Raspberry platform):

  • create backup copy of easyiot folder on Raspberry Pi (or Windows machine)
  • shutdown EasyIoT server (Configure->General settings->Shutdown server)
  • delete html folder
  • extract all files from new installation except config, log and programs folder (in config folder is your configuration) and keep EasyIoTDatabase.sqlite (history data)
  • restart your EasyIoT server
  • Clear Web browser cache. If you do not clear browser cache old application will stay in your browser and it will not work correctly.

2.3. EasyIoT server SD card image (Rasppberry Pi)

Download latest EasyIoT server v0.9 image and write image to SD card. Use Win32DiskImager or simmilar program co copy image to SD card.

2.4. EasyIoT server installation (Rasppberry Pi)

Doante and support EasyIoT framework.

Be sure to read EasyIoT server installation guide.

EasyIoT server v0.9

EasyIoT server v0.8

EasyIoT server v0.7

EasyIoT server v0.6

EasyIoT server v0.5

EasyIoT server v0.4

EasyIoT server v0.3

EasyIoT server v0.2

EasyIoT server v0.1


To download latest beta release see forum thread beta release


2.4. Windows platform

Just unpack files on windows machine. Run EasyIoT.exe under admin privileges (right click->Run as administrator). Also open port 80 and 37602 or disable firewall. Microsoft .Net Framework 4 or higher is required. 

Doante and support EasyIoT framework.

EasyIoT server Win v0.9

EasyIoT server Win v0.8

EasyIoT server Win v0.7

EasyIoT server Win v0.6

3. Github 

EasyIoT code sampleas and libraries on github.


4. Examples

See build page for list of EasyIoT sensor examples.


EasyIoT server changelog


-MQTT client driver

-graph interpolation

-remembers open group on front page

-added custom widget text support

-small bugfixes


New features:
-added notification disable checkbox
-new control roller shutter (MySensors:S_COVER, V_UP, V_STOP, V_DOWN, V_DIMMER)
-added support for custom icons
-display graph values on mouse hoover
-solved GPIO crash if not using MySensors driver
-added control API for AI sensors (for LUA programs)
-small bug fixes


 New features:

  • added support for Raspberry Pi 2
  • new virtual driver
  • automation: added email helper
  • database logging: added option to log average value of samples for N minutes
  • increase modem interface stability
  • small bug fixes

MySensors driver new data types:

  • S_UV, V_UV
  • S_MOTION, V_TRIPPED - > also supports motion detector

EasyIoT ESP8266 driver new types:

  • S_UV, V_UV


  • support for Windows platform (without HW dependent drivers MySensors and Raspberry Pi GPIO)
  • New MySensor types:
    • I_TIME
  • New ESP8266 EasyIoT library types:
    • I_TIME
  • automation support. Write your own automation scripts.
  • SMS interface - control/monitor your sensor network with SMS messages. You can also setup SMS alarm notifications.


  • New ESP8266 EasyIoT driver
  • New MySensors data types S_MOTION and V_TRIPPED
  • Small bug fixes


  • new MySensors driver datatypes - added S_LIGHT and V_LIGHT. Now it's possible to send commands to MySensor node
  • new Raspberry GPIO driver. Now you can monitor/control Raspberry Pi GPIO digital inputs/outputs
  • small fixes


  • Logging and displaying sensor data
  • MySensors driver update - now it works with latest MySensors 1.4 library from GitHub
  • MySensor driver - added new types S_HUM and V_HUM
  • MySensor driver - added new types S_TEMP and V_TEMP
  • Added WEB caching

V0.2 - added additional MySensors driver parameters

V0.1 - first version


#27 Mike 2022-08-13 14:14
I have 3 ESP8266 reporting on the easyiot cloud. All was well until August 5th when all three stopped reporting. Any ideas why this would happen?
+2 #26 Alan Sales 2016-12-03 21:59
Does the Easyiot 0.9 server work on Raspberry 3?

I can not get out of the color screen. Can someone help?
+1 #25 Wang 2016-11-06 08:51
I can't see all data points in chart by Easyiot server 0.9, only the latest one value! Can you fix that?
#24 Soprano 2016-03-19 00:41
Hi, I have pi with raspian image. should I delete it and install EasyIoT server in the sd card?
#23 Leon van der Krogt 2015-10-11 22:51
When I try to run the newest version V0.9 on my Raspberry Pi it ends up in the error;
no working init found.
I changed SD cards, did all procedures to re-partitioned the cards, used larger cards, format them but all with the same result.
I am using ApplePi-Baker like I used for V0.8 and that image works fine.

Can somebody help me?
#22 mod7609 2015-09-22 17:47
Could you please let me know how I can install the version of Windows platform , I run EasyIoT.exe file but only CMD has been opening. please let me know what is the next step and what should I do to perform EasyIOT server on my browser
Thanks in advance
#21 Super User 2015-09-20 12:13
Quoting linas:
EasyIot server has conflict with skype :-) Why?

It uses the same port as Skype.
#20 linas 2015-09-16 14:42
EasyIot server has conflict with skype :-) Why?
#19 linas 2015-09-16 14:41
I get a report from the windows EasyloT.exe file in win 7 x64, that "EasyloT has stopped working" on Win7 x32 is ok. Is it not working with x64 Windows?
#18 Super User 2015-08-24 16:32
Quoting Gino:
I got a error by starting the windows EasyloT.exe file in win 8.1

The program does not work, the program will close.

You must run EasyIoT server as admin (left click run as admin) or your port 80 is busy.

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