Our goal is to create secure, reliable and cheap platform for Internet of Things at your home. We will provide DIY tutorials to build IoT using components like Raspbery Pi, Arduino, NRF24L01+, ESP8266 and our EasyIoT Cloud. With help of EasyIoT community we will make IoT world Easy Internet of Things world (EasyIoT) .

EasyIoT framework is not home automation. Of course you can build home automation system, but you can build much more. Do you need advanced alarm system, remote plant irrigation system, solar cell charger control, SMS controlled heater,  door opener, hydroponic system or even automation process control system. All this you can easily build with EasyIoT framework.


Basic requirements for EasyIoT framework:

  • secure - we don't want our neighbour (or stranger 1000 km away) switch on/off our lights :).
  • reliable - no need additional explanation.
  • affordable - we want to build our system using components easily available on market for low price.
  • access to our system from everywhere with different connection options. 
  • low power consumption - our system runs 24/7 so we dot't want to increase our electricity bill because of that. We also want to run our sensors on batteries at least one year (sometimes even 5-10 years).


EasyIoT programme is co-financed by the European Union.


EasyIoT framework II architecture - EasyIoT Cloud

EasyIoT Cloud

EasyIoT framework I architecture

EasyIoT architecture