In this tutorial we will show how to add module to EasyIoT server.

If you are using EasyIoT server firs time, then this tutorial is for you. We will show how to add module in Virtual driver. First download and install EasyioT server. There is Windows and Raspberry instalation available. The procedure is similar for other EasyIoT drivers.

First we go in EasyIoT web interface. Simply enter EasyIoT server IP address in WEB browser. Login with username and password. If you are logged first time username is admin and password test. In Web interface go in Configure->Drivers->Virtual driver and press button AddNode.

Enable driver and press button Add Node. If we use driver like EasyIoT ESP8266 Arduino driver or MySensors driver we should switch on our module device. 

In this case we added node with address N12S0. Remember this addess.

Go back to Group and Modules.

And select one of groups. In this case we will select Virtual, but can be any other.


Press button More and Add Module.


Select our module (see address N12S0).

And name our module.

In our case we use Virtual driver. This is by default Generic type. If we use different driver correct type will be automatically detected. In our case we will change module type manually to Digital output (DO). 

Now we finished and we press button Update module.

If everything is correct we see our module on front page in Virtual group.


See more tutorials at ​​



#3 profile 2018-11-01 11:24
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+1 #2 Bob 2015-12-02 04:36
Ok I followed it "exactly" for a virtual device as shown. That works but.... is there a walkthrough for an existing device eg. esp8266 relay ?
+1 #1 Dennis 2015-05-19 09:01

when I add a virtual module and set type to motion sensor for example, then the parameters remain empty. How do I know which parameters are needed for this module type?


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