Help getting my first sensor working please

7 years 3 months ago - 7 years 3 months ago #1004 by PaulRB

HarryDutch wrote: Looking at your results there is definitly something wrong. Could be ... the Arduino.

Mystery solved, my sensor is working!

I started swapping and replacing components - the radio, the caps, the breadboard, the wiring, removing the DHT11, .....

It was the Arduino. A Nano 3 that up to now has always performed perfectly, but with the radio modules, it somehow garbles the signals, resulting in the noise that the scanner sketch showed. I replaced the Nano on the same breadboard, same radio module, same wiring etc. and suddenly the output of the scanner sketch cleaned up, with zero showing in most channels.

I then re-loaded the HumiditySensor example sketch into the replacement Nano, but it would still not connect to the Pi. I then changed channel to 22 on both the sensor and the Pi and suddenly it all started working.

So I have no idea what is wrong with that Nano, it has always worked in other circuits. I must have used it with the radio modules before. Perhaps I used different pins for the CE/CSN/IRQ connections back then.

I don't understand why channel 95 (=0x5F) did not work, it looked clear on the scanner. But the important thing is it is now working.

Many thanks @HarryDutch for sticking with me. And thanks EasyIoT for developing the whole project.

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7 years 3 months ago #1005 by HarryDutch
Wahoooo!! Congratulations Paul. Just like you I have no idea why the Nano was behaving like that. But more importantly, it's working now, so have fun with EasyIoT!

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