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7 years 3 months ago - 7 years 3 months ago #431 by singhm29
Replied by singhm29 on topic Offline control

The Rpi is runing the webserver and the NRF base station most likely

Yes this is precisely the idea, the RPI is the NRF base station and the webserver. In terms of me saying anything about the ESP8266 nodes that was just a route that I had considered taking but I am pretty set on using all NRF24L01 nodes.

EasyIot framework will work without internet access on your local LAN.

Yes! The answer is Yes definitively Yes! You don't have to be connected to the internet or even to ethernet.

Yes thats exactly what I was looking for, and Xavier your right that I do have a confusion between Lan and Wan thank you for helping clarify that. So essentially the website I design to view on the internet or WLAN would be the same one I could view (offline) on my LAN correct? Regardless of internet connection my sensor data being relayed back to the RPI would still be view able on the local version of the website?

internally: Using address In theory, (I say that because I didn't test it, it's a long time I don't use the graphical part any more) you have to run the graphical environnement (that is X window under Raspbian) and then run the browser and open page (ie localhost). For doing this you have several possibilities
the best solution is to connect an USB keyboard/mouse and watch on a HDMI monitor
but you can also plug a shield with a LCD and a touch screen (take care of the resolution you'll need and be aware that bigger resolution also means slower display). You'll need additional software to handle the shield but there are solutions

This is exactly what I would like todo, essentially making the raspberry pi a terminal for the network that can always be used to have an overview of all the nodes. But at the same time allowing me to connect it to the internet like option 3 states so I can remotely access it elsewhere.

Sorry to be so a chatterbox

No apologies needed thank you for helping me understand my own question haha.. Feel free to ask questions if im being too wordy or not making sense with what im asking or stating

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7 years 3 months ago #434 by Xavier
Replied by Xavier on topic Offline control
I tried, just to be sure, to monitor EasyIoT from localhost with TV on HDMI an an USB keyboard and Yes! It works great using the Midori browser provided with X window (LXDE).
But it's not as responsive as would be a PC connected over the LAN, the graphical environment use a lot of CPU resources.

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7 years 3 months ago #445 by EasyIoT
Replied by EasyIoT on topic Offline control
Good ideas. I'm impressed how people find new ideas to use EasyIoT framework :)

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