EasyIoT server v0.4 is released. New features are:

  • new MySensors driver datatypes - added S_LIGHT and V_LIGHT. Now it's possible to send commands to MySensor node
  • new Raspberry GPIO driver. Now you can monitor/control Raspberry Pi GPIO digital inputs/outputs. Read tutorial how to use GPIO driver
  • small fixes

If you upgrade from previous version clear WEB browser cache or app will not load correctly.


New MySensors driver datatypes

New data type works with standard MySensors relay example. Use S_LIGHT and V_LIGHT datatypes.

New Raspberry Pi GPIO driver

EasyIoT server can use Raspberry PI GPIO digital pins as digital input or output. GPIO driver can be used without MySensors driver. You can use all GPIOXX pins. If you are using GPIO00 and GPIO01 swith off I2C driver in kernel or pins will not work. 

GPIO pins


To enable GPIO driver go to Configure->Drivers->Raspberry Pi GPIO and enable driver. Be careful to select correct Raspberry revision. Next enable pins and set direction (input/output).

GPIO pin 7

In picture above we enabled pin 7 (GPIO04) as output. After pin is enabled we can see pin in module list as digital output under Raspberry Pi. In this case address is Pin_P1_07 (connector P1 pin 7).

Raspberry Pi Digital output

After we add connector to some group we can control digital pin in WEB interface. If we connect GPIO pin to relay we can remotely control for example light/pump..

GPIO switch


You can also log digital inputs/outputs in database if you enable data logging in configuration.


See more tutorials at ​http://iot-playground.com/build​


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