EasyIoT Server v0.9 and RASPBERRY PI 4 MODEL B Raspberry PI GPIO Driver issue

1 month 4 days ago - 1 month 4 days ago #4029 by essenemari
Hi Everyone,
well, I did some tests with Rpi4 and unfortunately discovered that Raspberry PI GPIO Driver cannot be enabled with error message:

bcm2835_init: gpio mmap failed: Cannot allocate memory

SPI on Rpi is turned on. RPI4 is up to date from soft as well as from firmware point of view. 

Googled for the issue, at looks like it's common problem for RPI4 in compare to previous RPI versions, i.e.  groups.google.com/g/bcm2835/c/BwZXVsDRtwI

Is there anyone who was able to fix it? Tried?

I am afraid, that playing with Rpi4 only (like bcm2835) may be not enough because there is such EasyIoT file like RPiGPIODriver.dll which probably should be also updated? 
However I am afraid that there will no more updates and info from EasyIoT admin as looks like he abandoned this awesome, really awesome, project :(


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1 month 2 days ago - 1 month 3 hours ago #4030 by essenemari
Dear EasyIoT developers and Admins, 

would you be so kind and look at this issue and let us know if this issue can be fixed on Raspberry Pi4 level without touching EasyIoT internal code by your or this is something that must be fixed on EasyIoT side? If it would require fix on EasyIoT side, would it be possible that you can fix it? 

Please let me know. 
Thanks and regards

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