NRF24 request command

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Hello there.

This is my first post and I hope I post it on the right place.

I am relative new on the Arduino world and also using the EasyioT. I find it an amazing tool, thanks.

My project consists on a thermostat controller. I have connected a temperature sensor and a relay to the Arduino. I have also connected a NRF24 wireless module because its low power consumption. Everything works great as long as I am on continuous mode.

I am trying to reduce the power consumption. I was thinking to turn on and off the wireless module, but then I need to request to the server if the input data has changed. I am trying with:


but I get no answer from the server. On the other hand, if the V_DIMMER is changed on the server, then I do get a message with its value.

My question is, how can I request some variables values to the server? Is something missing on my command?

Thanks in advance.


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