Setting var. value online to then read to WeMos D1

5 years 4 months ago #3293 by philmurp
Hi guys first post here so forgive me if a lot of this is simple. Essentially, I am trying to find a elegant way for me to wirelessly set variables in the beginning of my sketch.

I have seen in blynk you can control pins, and read in data from pins. Is there a way to store a value and set it to a variable, not directly push that value to a pin.

Instead of having to update my code and recompile every time I change a parameter, I want to write into the code to "go to blynk and check the value of this variable." That way I can just set the parameters with Blynk and hit go on the WeMos D1 board I am using.

Currently I have varaible:
Hopadd = [0, 10, 20];
Hopinfo = ["2oz Saaz". "1oz coloumbus", "1oz cascade"];

I would like to set Hopadd and Hopinfo in the blynk app and then
Some sort of code that says:
read: Hopadd
read Hopinfo

..then my sketch

Using WiFimanager library to connect to WiFi as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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