Sensor to Esp8266-01

5 years 6 months ago #3200 by Rokalex
Sensor to Esp8266-01 was created by Rokalex
hi, im working with an esp8266-01 for making a relay control and also working with the sensor SCT-013-030, im using the gpio2 for the relay control, and i want to know if i can use de gpio0 for read the sensor ? the project is basically turn on/off a 110v lamp, and at the same time calculate the current that is consuming

Also im using the easyiot server, the part of the relay control is complete and working fine, but i want to know if i can communicate this sensor using the esp8266 with a module of the easyiot server and read them, at the same time i have to send the information to a google doc in real time about the consuming, its there any way for making this in this awesome server ?

thanks !

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5 years 5 months ago #3250 by NightOne
Replied by NightOne on topic Sensor to Esp8266-01
There is only one reason that you cant use the GPIO0 and thats if you are conneting it to something that pulls it high....for example if its connected to an LED in source mode it will pull the GPIO high and the ESP will not boot as it thinks its in program you will need to connect something to the GPIO that does not pull it high at I would put the relay on GPIO0 and the sensor on GPIO2....just remember that you need to unplug the relay and pull it high to program it and then plug the relay back afterwards.

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