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I need you people to clarify this to me... Im looking to build this network of sensors, and i dont get the concept of this iot thing. What is the advantage of having the server running for example on raspberry pi, when you have the cloud avaivable? Im going to build a net of sensors around my wifi router. Im going only to use ESP8266 modules, no NRF24. I would be nice to have 1 "main controller" server display readings and that sensors have "solid ground"to connect. But when there is the cloud...I dont get what im doing with the server, when this cloud makes everything so much "easier"? :huh: Cloud seems to be thin solution, that i was wondering what are the limitations of cloud. Server seems to be more stable.?? And can i compound these two? Can someone clarify me these things? :) thanks.

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Good question..... everthing today is moving towards cloud storage and cloud control, and that applies to IOT as well, the current problem is that no one has come up with a security standard for IOT so at the moment its all very insecure, when most people think about it they think. why need security....they look at what they currently are doing with sensors and they think I dont care that someone knows the temp and humidity of my they dont worry about security. IOT is not only about sensors but is also going to be about control....for example, IOT is going to control lights, control security cameras, control heating.... and also control front doors or back doors and locks and the alarm..... when that happens then secure control will be really important.

People like me are a little paranoid about security and have IOT on own servers that do not connect to the internet at fact my IOT sensors are on a diffrent network to my computers and internet.... My IOT server is in a DMZ behind a firewall and has very strict rules about what and who can connect to it....

Another reason that people have there own servers is Cloud services can also change very quickly.....say for example you put all your sensor info into a cloud service which is currently free/cheap..... then after all that work and effort, the Cloud service closes down, or looses all your data and setup because you dont know the level of expertise. or sends you an email that says....sorry we cant give you free access anymore, you have to pay $100 per year to continue?

At the end of the day all I can say is that its like any service..... you have to choose what is suitable for you.

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