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Newbe with an esp8266nodemcu. I've followed the ide settings and have uploaded the internet switch with 4 relays. I've also setup the easyiot cloud modules. When I start the 8266 using the serial monitor, it connects to the local wireless, the message shows it is connected to the server and gives the ID, but I get no other feedback and the outputs don't seem to be switching ( D1-D4). I'm thinking that the serial monitor should also show D1 -D4 switching. I have deleted and recreated my modules to see if that would help. The modules will switch on the screen and on various devices but no control to the esp8266 itself. I have not opened any ports on my router or done any port forwarding. The sketches that I'm using are from the IOT-playground page. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong ( Hopefully didn't miss a glaring error on my part)

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