Howto port example program from Cloud Server to Windows Server .. guideline?

6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #3970 by bmentink

I have a project based off the cloud "smart irrgation controller" code which uses mqtt publish/subscribe using the mqtt cloud client library. (on ESP8266)

I would like to port this code across to running of my own Windows server and mqtt server (mosquito).
I can see how to connect to my mosquitto server, but not sure if the cloud mqtt client code can talk to it?
Is it possible to do this? Or, do I need to use a different mqtt client, like the Arduino one ..

If the cloud mqtt client is ok to use, will the windows server side still support the extra API like module creation?

I don't see any examples of how to use mqtt on my own server with hardware like ESP8266 ..


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