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g3mb-202p SSR with DC load

7 years 6 days ago #3133 by markusonfire

I've etched a PCB for a project similar to the ESP8266 Internet connected switch from this post

The only difference being it doesn't runn off or supply Mains AC power.

It runs off 12vDC and runs 12vDC thru the relay.

Upon initial testing, with a multimeter connected to the 12vDC out (from the relay) it seemed to work fine:
~0v when the ESP set the Relay to open
+12vDC when the ESP set the relay to closed

When connected to the load - in this case, a 12v door-strike like this one the strike does not activate and the output of the replay shows 0v

I've read that this relay (g3mb-202p) is only intended for switching AC loads. Howcome I see the desired results with a multimeter and not when uing the actual load?

Give that I've already Etched the PCBs, is there any way I can get this relay working with my 12vDC load?
Alternatively, is there any other DC-compatible relay that has the same footprint/pinout?

Hopefully someone can help me out or provide some clarification.

Thanks in advance!

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7 years 5 days ago - 7 years 5 days ago #3134 by markusonfire
Schematic below (Removed non-relevant elements)

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