EasyIoT Cloud MQTT API V1) Problem

5 years 3 weeks ago #3504 by OzGrant
Unable to change status in EasyIoT cloud.
Seem to get the correct replies from MQTT

Connecting to belkin.193
WiFi connected
IP address:
Connecting to MQTT server
MQTT client id:5c:cf:7f:11:1a:90-b8
ModuleId: 13
Suscribe: /13/Sensor.Parameter1
set state:

TCP: Sent
TCP: data received 4 bytes
MQTT: Connected to cloud.iot-playground.com:1883
connected to MQTT server
MQTT: queue subscribe, topic"/13/Sensor.Parameter1", id: 2
MQTT: Sending, type: 8, id: 0001
TCP: Sent
TCP: data received 5 bytes
MQTT: Subscribe successful
MQTT: Sending, type: 8, id: 0002
TCP: Sent
TCP: data received 26 bytes
Received topic:/13/Sensor.Parameter1: 0
switch state received: 0
TCP: data received 31 bytes
MQTT: Subscribe successful
pm open,type:2 0
button pressed
set state

And after pressing gpio switch I get:--

MQTT: queuing publish, length: 26, queue size(0/2048)
Publish /13/Sensor.Parameter1 1
MQTT: Sending, type: 3, id: 0000
TCP: Sent
set state:

What dumb thing am I doing wrong.

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