Left and Right scales in the EasyIOT web graph ?

7 years 5 months ago #3489 by mr.sneezy
I've just added barometric pressure to my home brew ESP8266 EasyIOT project, which also measure temperature and humidity. Because baro pressure is usually around 1050 hPa and temperature and humidity are much lower at around 20C & 50% the automatic scaling in the graph view makes those two smaller values appear barely above the horizontal axis.

Is there a way to assign a different scale to the left and right vertical axis and set which parameters use left or right ?
(much like done in MS Excel charts etc).

The idea for me would be to assign baro pressure on it's own on the RHS axis scale, and the temp and humidity to the LHS axis scale.

If the feature does exist I have not managed to discover it yet...


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5 years 4 months ago #3990 by zugan2
I met the same probrem with BME280 home whether station project.
It seems no way to double scale on y axis, then I post 1/10 pressure.
I have add a few lines on the ESP8266 schech.

float pressure = 0.0;
float pressure_1_10 = 0.0; // add this line
pressure = BME280.getPressure();
pressure_1_10 = pressure / 10.0 ; // hPa x10 to reduce scale
// valueStr = pressure;
valueStr = pressure_1_10 ; //

topic = "/"+String(storage.moduleId)+ PARAM_PRESSURE;
result = myMqtt.publish(topic, valueStr, 0, 1);
Then I change unit name on eiot cloud module configuration. hPa -> x10 hPa
How about that?

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