Dimmer Example problem

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cdj wrote: Someone know how many led strips we can connect in this project? is it depending from power supply or also from mosfet?

Depending on both - power suply and mosfet current capability, when using power mosfets with high drive current, also mosfet driver required.
U need to know how much consumes led strip, this can be found on i.e. ebay. For example 5050 5meters white led strip consumes 12V 5A, if we use IRLZ44N mosfet, can connect approx 40meters - 40A, watch on heat dissipation.
Thanks all for help, i try all of things, then post results.
Tested it, looks like a shitty arduino, serial now get garbage from software and hardware. I waiting from china 8Mhz 3.3V version that works now as temp. nodes, when receive arduinos i continue tests to get working dimmer.
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