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6 years 3 months ago #3448 by RoccoD
Artsy installation was created by RoccoD
Hello all. So I think easyiot is the right tool for what I need. Let me explain.

I'm doing a large interactive performance and the audience wear these badges that light up when they complete the task. I had a working prototype using an attiny85 and an IR blaster, but I think an esp8266 will be more reliable since there are no line of site issues. I have a working example of an esp8266 and neopixels using adafuitio, but I don't like that I need an internet connection to make it work. So I thought easyiot would be the way to go since I can run the server on a local computer or raspberry pi.

Here is what I can't figure out. How do I trigger multiple esp8266s from the server without inputting all the ips since there are like 50 of them. Also, I have only really seen examples that trigger gpio hi or low or analog values. I need to trigger Neopixels (WS2812 leds). Can I do that?

Honestly this whole ESP8266 stuff is a little over my head. I'm pretty good with simple arduino stuff, but right now my brain hurts. If you can point me to any examples that explain things that would be very helpful. If anyone wants to help me tackle this project I can offer monetary compensation.

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6 years 3 months ago #3449 by RoccoD
Replied by RoccoD on topic Artsy installation
So I got this working with Blynk and it turned out to be super easy. Now I need to see if it scales. if anyone wants to know how I did it let me know. If anyone has ideas on how to make the idea work on easyiot please let me know.

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6 years 1 month ago #3550 by codetheos
Replied by codetheos on topic Artsy installation
I have done some work with Blynk and yes it was easy but then I moved on to other solutions - nevertheless I think if you simply described your case here, there might be others coming out with their experiences more easily :)

workin' hard@

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