how to send data to an IoT Server or cloud by sms?

7 years 4 days ago #2630 by robert45
I have just discovered iot-playground

I try to describe my attends
For an isolated house i want to measure Temperature and Humidity at several points of the house. When i'm not in the house there are not electric power nor network communication. And i want to remote monitor T and H.
I thought to use
  • several ESP8266 + DHT11 sensor
  • one ESP266 that act as an Access Point (Server) to collect measured data by the other ESP by wiki
  • The ESP server is linked to a SIM900 card to send data by sms
Does it exist some solutions to send data to an EasyIoT Server (the server will be in a connected place) or to EasyIoT Cloud by sms?

Thanks in advance for your help

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