DHT send interval

5 years 11 months ago #2492 by javier
DHT send interval was created by javier
Hi guys i have a problem with the send interval

When I try to change the time interval in seconds the code of the library seems that is not workin with times bigger than 30s, if I put 20 or 10 it ok but more than 30 i can´t get it work.

Its any limitation in that send interval? I can put more time than 30s?

#define SEND_INTERVAL 1000 * 30 // 30S

#define SEND_INTERVAL 1000 * 10 // 10S its OK

#define SEND_INTERVAL 1000 * 20 // 20S its OK

#define SEND_INTERVAL 1000 * 120 // 120S not work for me.

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