More than one value in an http post

8 years 8 months ago #2290 by EasyIoT

gordonendersby wrote: @EasyIoT, admin,

Is there any documentation ive missed that might help me with this?
Theres a query on as well asking how its possible to do this.
So the info is needed by more than just me.

Can you help us out.
Once i have the answers about multiple fields per node and multiple values in an http post i can write it up for others to use.


Currently EasyIoT server http API support only one value per node. Current system in not optimal. You can use MQTT and send more values to one node. I'm building new version in which you will be able to send many values with http API. I will also add widget customization - you will be able to customize your node representation in UI. For example to display humidity and temperature at the same time in one node.
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6 years 4 months ago #3909 by deltaalpha52

Seems that it would be useful if we could send data to more than one value per node.

You talked about a new version of the server, did that happen or has it been overtaken by the cloud version,

Thanks David

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