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7 years 8 months ago #2726 by JLW
Help with EasyIoT Server was created by JLW
ESP8266: communication control module
Arduino Pro-Min: dimmer control module (DCM)
ESP interfaces to EaasyIoT Server and DCM
ESP implements local manual control of dimmer via single pushbutton (PB)
-> hold down PB to dim or brighten lamp
-> when PB is released, dimmer value is sent to IoT Server (0-100%) using following command:

url += "/Api/EasyIoT/Control/Module/Virtual/" + String(EIOT_NODE) + "/ControlLevel/" + String(value);

This keeps Server synced to ESP state when ESP PB is used.

On IoT Server, when the ESP module sends the dimmer level update, the dimmer module updates the value Sensor.DimmerLevel - which is exactly what should happen. However, the dimmer level bar graphic does not get updated.

How do I refresh the bar graphic to correctly show the Sensor.DimmerLevel received from the ESP module.


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7 years 8 months ago #2729 by EasyIoT
Replied by EasyIoT on topic Help with EasyIoT Server
I do not know if this can be easily solved, because I have some problems with knob control. In new Cloud version I will skip knob and replace it with slider. It's much easier.

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