CoverDimmerLevel, graphical part Roller shutter

7 years 1 month ago - 7 years 1 month ago #2094 by osalval
Roller shutter (A0, D0) Module:

When set a level in the "ring" part of Roller shutter module (Sensor.CoverLevel), api works well, but:

If you exit "x" and goes to Configure for example and do something, when you back after a while, number in the center stay correct but graphic not, it has changed to a lower value. So number and graphic do not correspond.

I am not sure when hapen. After some test I an not repeat this behaviour.

But it is for sure that after set a Dimmer Level with graphic, if I move roller shutter with manual buttons: Up, Down the changing count in Arduino it is received in WEB UI and Cover Level changes, but only the number in the center, graphic stay in the last position.

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