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glad you got it fixed cause I noticed that my advice was wrong, so I thought I would at least fix my mistake.

if (m.Domain == Domain.VIRTUAL && m.Address == "N5S0" && p.Property == "Sensor.Temperature" && p.Value=="15") is wrong it should be if (m.Domain == Domain.VIRTUAL && m.Address == "N5S0" && p.Property == "Sensor.Temperature")

This means the event handle with trigger each time something changes in Sensor.Temperature, if you want to trigger an event at a specifc value then you would write and if statement like
if (m.Domain == Domain.VIRTUAL && m.Address == "N5S0" && p.Property == "Sensor.Temperature");
if (p.Value == "15") etc etc

If you dont have a second if statement then the code with run whenever there is a change to Sensor.Temperature

I write this mainly for the benefit of the poor sucker who tried to make sense of my earlier mistake

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