New version of EasyIoT server V0.3 is released:

  • Logging and displaying sensor data
  • MySensors driver update - now it works with latest MySensors 1.4 library from GitHub
  • MySensor driver - added new types S_HUM and V_HUM
  • MySensor driver - added new types S_TEMP and V_TEMP
  • Added WEB caching

If you already using EasyIoT server clear cache in your browser or WEB interface will not work correctly.

You can find new version on download page.


To test new options in MySensors driver use Humidity sensor.  


After you add sensor to sensor newtwork (Configure->Drivers->MySensors->AddNode) you can see new sensors in node list and to user display.

Humidity and Temperature


Data logging is by default disabled. If you want to add data logging for specific sensor parameter go to parameter configuration.

Sensor parameters

Then enable data logging for specific parameter. Don't forget to save changes.

Enable log to database 


After you add new modules to group you will see something like this on front page:

EasyIoT server Humidity and Temperature

To see history sensor data simply click on left side of sensor display. If data logging for sensor data is enabled you will see something like this:

Temperature chart 

On top of display you can change time horizont. You can also add additional signals on display to see correlation between them. On next picture you can see temperature, humidity and window status on the same chart. It is clear that when window is opened temperature and humidity in room drops.

More history signals 


That's all for now. We will keep adding new features to EasyIoT server so be sure to come back.


See more tutorials at ​​



+1 #2 Super User 2014-11-09 11:01
Quoting Dany:
Great job! ;-)

Thx, expect even more in new releases...
+1 #1 Dany 2014-11-06 17:10
Great job! ;-)

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